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1. is a "web application." Which is to say, it is a database-driven, highly-interactive site intended for long term personal knowledge management.

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Welcome to, a web site dedicated to helping you make better decisions regarding the conduct of your entire life.

I divide decision making into two parts: structure and content. I argue that "structure" is common to all humans, all homo sapiens. "Structure" can be researched and written about generically; it's common to us all. This web site reports on the current literature regarding what is common to us all as it relates to controlling our own behavior. I'm a trained psychologist (Ph.D.: Learning, Memory, and Decision Theory), a trained decision maker (MBA), and a trained coach. As such, I have a strong background in the evidence and theories that have been presented regarding human decision making and the thought processes guiding behavior. This is an evidence-based coaching web site.

The "content" part of the decision making is up to you. You make the decisions; the web site records them, displays them, and helps you manipulate them over a lifetime.

" order to live man has to think, whether it pleases him or not. If he thinks badly, that is, without a sense of personal and intimate veracity, he lives badly, in pure anguish, full of problems and uneasiness. If he thinks well, he is well adjusted within himself; ... But it is not man's highest mission to be acute; he is required simply to resolve his life loyally and sincerely."

Jose' Ortega y Gasset
Man and Crisis

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More pages, currently unused. Description of tree growth rings metaphor. What's between nothing and a life coach? Description of essay interface for coaching information. Discussion of the coaching tools offered on this site. Behavior change without measurement makes no sense. The evidence regarding behavior change is out there; we just have to use it. How to use this web site to maximum advantage. Our theory of motivation affects our motivation. Self-control starts with clearly stated goals. How we think about the future affects our current behavior. Black-belt learning is learning in depth. Adults develop in invisible stages. Our success in life is highly related to our conversational ability. Evaluation is of central importance and yet very few understand it. Our lives are too abstract; we need to be more specific in our thinking. Our learning model needs to be oriented to our whole life. Coaching can help us significantly in our self-development effort. The four factors affecting longevity are a good development starting point.